Why Study in Quester College

Quester College encourages students to inquire constantly and from the process to know themselves better. 

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Six Elements in Quester 
Quality Teaching

Excellence is what Quester College always strives for. All our teachers are experienced permitted/ registered teachers with postgraduate qualifications.


As a private school, Quester College is operated independently without the complex administrative procedures required by the government.

Teachers at Quester College not only qualified but professional in transmitting complex ideas into simple words. We have our selected set of materials.

With its long history, Quester College has integrated a huge variety of courses available to the community. There are always some courses that suits you. 


Quester College's AM/ PM/ Evening schools allow students to gain experiences or pursue success in other aspects with the flexible class schedule. 

General Office: 852-24787428

Admissions: 852-24782228

403 Yuen Long Centre 55 Sau Fu Street Yuen Long Hong Kong

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