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Welcome to Quester College

Quester College was founded in Yuen Long in 2006. We uphold the mission of the Confucianintelectualism of ZhuXi and encourage constant inquiry and study through the operation of the formal school curriculum here at Quester College.

Quester International Limited


問學書院2006年成立於元朗,本著朱熹【道問學】的宗旨,開辦問學書院 - 中學補習、小學補習、IB和GCE國際課程、HKDSE中學文憑日校課程、HKDSE中學文憑夜校課程等等。

Latest News

Quester College - Class Resumption in Sep 2020

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quester college

Talk for progression of primary school graduates at Quester College

Quester College's First Participation in HKDSE Exam 2022

Learning with Quester College 

Chinese Language
Appreciating traditional pieces of Chinese literature; building a solid foundation for literary studies and cultural knowledge; focusing on public exam skills and question sets. 

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quester college

quester college quester college


English Language 
Analysing English language structure from linguistical perspectives: syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Lecturers from the University of Oxford and the University of Hong Kong. Course materials cater perfectly for public exam candidates.


Boosting students' mathematical sense and sharing techniques for solving problems efficiently. Taught by teams of experts from the University of Hong Kong, the universities from the UK for GCE. 

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quester college

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Why Study in Quester
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Quester College encourages students to inquire constantly and from the process to know themselves better. 

How to Apply

We accept applications all year round. Please get in touch to start the application process.

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We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. 
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